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SafeIT Secure Disk

This program makes a part of your current hard disk, flash or USB memory to a SECURE DISK. All information stored on this secure disk will be automatically encrypted. Each computer can create unlimited numbers of secure disks and each secure disk can be with unlimited size.

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Your secure disk is only accessible by entering the correct password. The program is easy to install and the step-by-step guides will walk you through the process of creating your own secure disk. After installation, the user friendly interface makes securing a file as easy as copying it.

Key Features
SafeIT Secure Disk incorporates the following key features to protect your sensitive information:

  The latest encryption standards (AES and Blowfish).
Strong encryption using key lengths up to 448-bits.
High modularity in the product gives it high flexibility and makes it powerful.
Full integration with Windows XP and a user-friendly interface.
Automatic updates to be up to date.
Encrypts temporary files automatically.

Encryption Algorithms
The encryption technology used supports several encryption algorithms, including the new AES-standard Rijndael with key length of 256 bits. If you prefer, you can also use Blowfish with a key length of 448 bits.

What is encryption?
Encryption transforms the information from an insecure form (plain text) into an encrypted form which can not be read by unauthorized parties. You should always encrypt sensitive files to avoid private and confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. Without proper encryption, anyone with access to your computer can read and modify your data.

1 year of free upgrades and free support included in the price!

System Requirements:
Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Home.
15 MB Ram.
10 MB of free hard disk space.

Security Technology:
Symmetric encryption algorithms:
New AES-standard Rijndael (256 bits).
Blowfish (448 bits).
Asymmetric encryption algorithm: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol.
Hash-algorithm: SHA-1
PRNG: Isaac