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SafeIT Command Line Utility

SafeIT Command Line Utility is a tool for encrypting, decrypting and shredding files and folders using a command line language.


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To avoid confidential and valuable information getting into the wrong hands, you should encrypt sensitive files on all computers used in your organization. It is almost impossible to remove all
information on your hard drive with the structure and functionality of the operative systems currently available. Format, Recycle Bin and other delete commands do NOT remove information stored
on your computer. These commands only alter the structure of the drive, leaving most of the data intact and recoverable with software tools easily available.

Technical Specifications

System Requirements
- SafeIT is optimized for all Windows platforms.
- 64 MB Ram.
- 15 MB of free disk space
Security Technology

- Symmetric encryption algorithms:
New AES-standard Rijndael (256 bits),
Blowfish (448 bits), Twofish (256 bits),
SafeIT-algorithm (480 bits).
- Hash-algorithm:
- Overwriting algorithms:
Gutman (35 passes),
DoD (7 passes).