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We deliver our KeySafe products
designed with the latest technology.
We can demonstrate our products
at our Office or at your Office,
let us know if you are interested here.

KEYsafe standard is a main safe with space for 1-96 key
bunches. The safe is manufactured in 3 mm steel plate with an
electro mechanical lock with emergency opening possibility.
It is possible to complete the main safe with one or many
extension safes with another 1-96 hooks each for key bunches.
KEYsafe mini is a safe for a less number of key bunches,
including up to 48 hooks (1-48). The safe is manufactured of 3
mm white painted steel plate with a solenoid protected lock and
with mechanical emergency opening. The power consummation
via a 17 volt adapter.
KEYsafe 3492 is a system for a larger amount of keys mounted
in a classified and approved security safe (SS3492). It is also
possible to get systems mounted in different classes of value for
safe keeping of for example headquarters keys. The safe is
equipped with approved key holds (night locks) and completed
with a electric magnetic lock Abloy 8180 in the frame to be used
day time. The safe is delivered with up to 672 key hooks.
KeyCom communication software included as standard. For the
Installation, operation and alarms.
Key safe with electronic access control.
The choice of Key Safes shall be done from the number of keys
that shall be kept safe. The Key Safes are available in 3 different sizes, from 30 up to 100 key hooks, and a small safe with 5 key hooks. All safes are manufactured in 3 mm white steel plate, with safety catch on the backside of the door and hidden hinges. Already made holes for easy mounting.
Electronic Identity button from Dallas semiconductor is used
for all the Keysafes to give access for different users. All the
buttons have different serial numbers which is stored in the Keysafe system for logging historic events.
Keybadge with id numbers on your keys increase
the possibilities to find a lost key and return it to the owner.
In order to keep records of the keys the Keybadge is marked
on the front side with optional text and a serial number.
The keybadges are available in 5 different colors. On the back
side of the badge is data printed that if returned to the Police.